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my buddy and i make fun of it. a guy at office depot down the street (where i work) used to have a guy named joe and he never got angry at ANYTHING. so we just imagine him being there.

but other than that fuck yes it is a crock of shit

and i prefer mcminemans much much cheaper

and the food is better

and i dont feel like a while sitting there...being 18 and sober..

beaverton mall ftw

Lets do McMenamins then.. cheap, delicious, comfortable, alcohol.. I dont know many locations, theres the one near beaverton mall, oak hills brewpub by Sunset HS, Rock Creek Tavern is cool, Market St Pub is right on campus for me.. any other suggestions?

It just seems like there are more portlanders than Hooters wouldnt be bad, but McMenamins are the only hippies I enjoy giving my money, aside from B&J
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