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For example:

IPA - it was designed to survive voyages to India. I'm not going to fucking India and i don't need a disgusting beer to wretch my mouth. Personally I hate IPA.

And I think a lot of you are forcing yourselves to like shit that really isn't that great.

That's like a child saying all beer tastes bad because it's bitter. Um yeah that's where the term "acquired taste" comes from. I didn't like scotch when I was 21 but now (6 years lager) I enjoy a nice glass towards the end of the night.

IPAs aren't for everybody but I'm certainly not forcing myself to drink 3 of them in a row. I don't like wine, I've tried about 25 kinds and I still prefer beer so I don't drink it, therefore I don't think I'm forcing myself to drink IPAs.

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