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Where did I say a semi auto made less noise?

I agree about not keeping a hot weapon in your house, especially a larger weapon were someone may find it not neccessarily locked up. (I live on my own and dont have children for example... I dont lock up my two defensive arms) so as far as this point, I think he was trying to build on Semi vs Auto initial loading/racking.

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If your firing twelve rounds in 1.4 seconds in a defense situation, youve obliterated the guy in front, and winged the guy in back while his buddy is dropping... just saying. I shoot a lot of trap, and Ive tried auto and pump guns, I personally think the pump does have a more natural point of return for ME. Dude does try to over explain it with ... but I know that i instinctively point with my pump far better than I ever did with an auto. I would place my life on that accuracy over rate of fire anyday.
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