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uh yeah

without going into any detail

guy is taking the car back tomorrow, leaving me his truck for the day.

it's only boosting to 5psi either because of a shitty/failed wastegate, or because the p/o clocked the turbo in this really bizarre way, or because the speed sensor is nonfunctional (gen 2 uses mechanical, gen 3+ uses digital/hall sensor or whatever) or if none of those fixes take care of the problem he's bringing another whole gen 3 harness to put in
replace horns, they suck/are weak
replace exhaust, "apexi super megaphone" exhaust has loose baffle and is too quiet, switching to Apexi GT
replace fuel level sender, current one is reporting half full when it's actually only down a couple of gallons. they dropped the gas tank to replace the fuel pump, maybe this got fucked in the process.
installing new brake light switch
installing new (or better condition) exterior window trim

still leaves a lot of body panels which need replacing. he has a Super Red donor car that I can take panels off of freely, but it won't be available for a few weeks.
Hood also needs to be realigned
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