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They swapped me out to an Apexi GT exhaust. The Apexi Super Megaphone exhaust I started out with was wayyyy too quiet and stock sounding. Also may have been the souce of some nasty rattling. I removed the silencer, but will hang onto it just in case. Cat is in place, so the noise level really isn't that bad. If I went catless... then I'd be in some shit, asking to get pulled over and fucked.

I also lowered the car quite a bit. I'm going to raise it back up about a centimeter and stiffen it up a tad, but I'm not far off from right where I want it. Then I need to get an alignment..

Grimmspeed manual boost controller

setting up


people say they run ~17psi on 91... I'm going to be a little more conservative.
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