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The FAQ:

What is the Pit?

The Pit is a forum designed to keep serious debates and arguments from clogging up GenMay.

Is the Pit as old as GenMay?

I don't know. It's been here at least since the [S]oapbox on HardOCP went away. That's when I made the move. It probably is, but I'm too lazy to ask the bigshots.

What should I post here?

It should be controversial, debateable, and at least somewhat intelligent. Not every news article, web site, and wacky idea can be debated. Politics and religion are a mainstay of the Pit.

So does that mean I should make a thread to tell everyone that God doesn't exist / that God loves them all?

No. First of all, there's no content. You're not presenting anything for debate above your own opinion, which can't be debated. Second, that's really nothing more than an inflamatory statement, and your thread will probably be locked for trolling. If you want to start an honest debate, you have to present your opinion and support it with facts.

Okay. Now what's this about callouts?

Callouts are for when personal issues get too big to be sorted out in the threads they started in. Rather than taking your problems and crapping them on every thread you see, you make a callout thread. See the rules if you want to know how to make a callout that won't get locked.

Whaa!!! I called someone out and he called me names! What should I do?

Call him names back. Or put him on ignore and pretend you're superior to him for no good reason. Or go running to your mother. I don't care. Just leave me alone.

I'm gonna go listen to some Linkin Park.

Fine. Beat it.

Burden Of Proof

If you post something, the burden of proof is on you to prove authenticity, if challenged. Source is not necessarily an admission of proof.
Im not elitist, Ive simply been marginalized by the preponderance of idiots in the world.

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