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I definitely skipped all the posts in this thread, but my best friend just found out she's preggo. She's assuming she's about 1 mos along (she'll find out at the doc's on Wed). She really wants to get the medication abortion, as opposed to the vacuum style. Has anyone ever done the medication kind?
My best friend recently had one. She had to drive across statelines since it's not available in our state. I think it cost her about $800 and she said it was horrible. At the clinic she was given a pill to take there and then given suppository pills to insert into her vagina at home a couple hours later. The first pills terminate the pregnancy and the second set induce contractions to expell the tissue. There is a chance that the procedure isn't thorough and a D&C has to be done anyway, that's what happened to my friend. She had to get the surgical done because the tissue did not expell completely. She said the contractions were really intense and painful and the bleeding and clots were scary.
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