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Basically fattos MR2 goes back 2 bank (attn gribly)

Not really back 2 bank, it's going to the shop on thu and should be back on the road by the following week... MR2's timing belt developed a tremendous amount of slack. It happened gradually, car was running rich, losing timing, then for some reason it all came to a head this saturday when I changed oil, flushed brakes, and did some random tightening and greasing.

Between 1500 and 2500 RPM there was this HORRIBLE rattling noise accompanied by a momentary CEL. But then above, or below that range the car ran basically fine... There is about 3/4" of extra slop in the belt after it comes off of the cams. Luckily for me, the 3SGTE is non interference, so I think the motor escaped unscathed. TB/WP/tensioners/idlers and various seals that weren't replaced by the guy who sold it to me are on order, and will be replaced this time. He will be chipping in or covering the whole cost...

Anyway... Have a shitload of work to do this week, I have nearly unlimited parking spaces where I live... and do not want to flush hundreds on Uber... So I asked him if he had any beaters he was selling, bought this POS off of him.

93 Si, salvage title, looks like side impact (you can see the wall of bondo on drivers side,) 108k, brakes/oil done, some transmission noise in low gears, basically everything seems to be working but on its way out... 1300

I will drive it to destruction, not sink money into it obviously

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