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Those are all terrible choices... And how am I supposed to raise 20k? Its not "oh I have 20k... But instead of buying a late model midrange bmw let me go buy this 15 y/o 12000 dollar m3 that needs work and flush the rest on upgrading and fixing it"

Stupid, pointless discussion not based in reality

Ultimately i am fixing my credit and will get a loan, get something newer I guess. For now I am enjoying my cars, you can both fuck off.

Neither of you get it because neither of you are into cars. Midrange modern euro cannot be worked on. Cannot be modded the way older cars can. They can, but its a totally different experience, less rewarding, totally different money-wise. And theyre ugly, slow, heavy, boring, bland.... Can almost swap badges between any car in this segment and youd have trouble distinguishing bmw from merc from Hyundai.....

Try to break down the financials of BDs fantasy football and football watching hobby... He pays hundreds a month for shitty cable, he pays to get into fantasy leagues, he flushes hundreds of hours watching, thinking about fagball, when he should be doing something productive like groping uber girs, earning money not wasting it. And at the end of the day all he has done is occupy time, whereas I get transportation out of the deal as well.

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