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Originally Posted by SlickChicFallen
argh, I'm on the Nuva Ring, and the stupid thing keeps trying to come out. Anyone else have that problem?

Staying in place

NuvaRing® cannot get lost inside of you. Although the vagina is flexible, it is not much longer than the palm of your hand. NuvaRing® cannot go farther than the cervix. The muscles of your vagina will keep the contraceptive ring securely in place, even during exercise or sex. You can check NuvaRing® periodically with your finger. However, on rare occasions NuvaRing® can slip out if it hasn't been fully inserted into the vagina, or when removing a tampon, moving the bowels, straining, or with severe constipation. Find out what you should do if NuvaRing® slips out.
So perhaps you simply haven't inserted it far enough?
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