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i like being on my trifasil pill. orthotricyclen made me nauseous, and this one is just fine for me. plus, it really helped clearing up my acne. by the way, even though orthotricyclen is like the only one getting advertised for it's skin clearing abilities, they all do it (according to the ob/gyn i visit).

The reason that Ortho-Tri-Cyclen is the only one that advertises acne clearing is because it is the only to have proven it. Remeber, for the FDA to allow DTC advertising, the manufacturer must have proven a significant (p<0.05) affect on the claim. Most companies are not willing to pony up the moeny for clinical trials, especially when Ortho-McNeil owns the brand names on the vast majority of the avaible OC's. I don't think they own the patent on Tri-Levlen (the brand name for which Tri-Phasil is the generic).
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