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depo-provera (which i am currently using) is not 50 dollar range, i mean depending where you are and who your dispenser is it can be 34-46 dollars, in canada, and thats for 3 months of course.

Canada is the key. Remember, we Americans subsidize the research for everyone, so you get cheaper prices and we get shafted.

When I was working as a tech in MN, I always had these customers coming in and saying how they could get X drug cheaper in Canada, and why can't they pay that here? I usually reminded them that it is illegal to import drugs, then I had to explain (in far greater detail than this) about research costs and how foreign governments have price controls.

I am now an intern in AZ, and so far noone has asked me about drug prices here vs. Canada or Mexico. Then again, I have only worked 5 days...
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