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Originally Posted by blinky
id like to point out that if the man were to cum inside of her, she would only get pregnant about 20% of the time, so this method really has no effect. this is because the sperm in precum is the same as in ejaculated semen, and the reduced amount really doesnt have an effect, because theres so many spern in a small amount of semen.

just a heads up not to use this method

Ummm... no. Sure, withdrawal isn't a great method, but this is all wrong. Until blinky provides recognised sources for his/her statements, I would advise everybody to treat his/her post as a bunch of crap.

Originally Posted by Loose Cannon
Withdrawal ARP 19%
Taking it out before he spurts.
Pro: Full sensation.
Con: Sperm is present in low concentrations in the penile discharges long before orgasm, making this method about as effective as crossing your fingers. Ultimately unsatisfying, since you deprive yourselves of the opportunity to climax together. No protection against STDs.

No contraception ARP 85%.

To repeat - the ARP is the percentage likelihood of a pregnancy arising from one year of sexual activity using only that method of contraception. Out of 100 couples who use the withdrawal method, 19 get pregnant every year. Out of 100 couples who use no contraception, 85 get pregnant every year. These figures are taken from the FDA's own statistics.

Blinky, if you have a reliable source refuting this and backing up your post, I'd love to see it.
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