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so when they say had sex for 1 year, does that mean like 365 times?

A valid question though...

Not necessarily. An ARP is nothing more than a statistic collected over a large population sample. It just means that the couple were sexually active on that contraceptive method alone for one year - but it averages out all levels of sexual activity. A couple who did it twice a day for a year count the same amount towards the statistic as a couple who did it once a week. But given that the sample would have been huge (since it is an ongoing study), the extremes are usually balanced out. I imagine that the overall average sexual activity of the population sample would probably have been about three times a week, but I can't find any concrete figures to back that up.

You must bear in mind that the ARP is a STATISTIC, not a PROBABILITY. Probabilities are virtually meaningless for biological systems, whereas statistics and precedents are usually pretty good indicators.
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