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... and the LORD struck him with an incureable disease of the bowels ...
Originally Posted by shagnscoob

based on that report, the top 2 are the durex extra sensitive, and the durex performax condoms.

does anyone have any experience wiht the condoms that have a "numbing" lubricant, i know it doesnt mean litterally 'whered my dick go' numbing, but does it work? is it weird?

also, my friend recommended i use condoms + the spermicide film stuff, together its a pretty safe measure right? and when using them together, how safe is it to just not pull out until your definately done and jizzed all up in there (with the condom on) ??

you're talking jizz (in condom), then wait a min or so, then pull out? long as the condom didn't break, you could keep it there all night (though I wouldn't reccomend it)
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