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Ok, well I played this for a little while yesterday. Got to lvl 16 or 17 or something.

Wondering what anyone else thought of it. I'm not sure if I like it.
All the default weapons are the best and you can just wear the heaviest armor all the time and just walk a little slower. I bought the silenced sub machine gun but its mag is too small to be any good. The silenced sniper rifle is great. No recoil and a 25 round mag. The assault rifle is awesome. Really accurate and pretty powerful. I bought the only locked one and its half as powerful as the default one with like 3 times the fire rate and 4 times the mag, but its a pussy gun. The assault rifle is so much better. The chain gun is ridiculous. How can you use that gun by default? Shotguns, why? The enemies can see you from 18 miles away

I'm not very far at all. I've completed only 2 levels but went back to the city level to make money cause the money is really good that way. You make around 25-40k each rerun through the city.

I dont see the point in hacking. The game keeps going when you're in menus so why not just take the 1 or 2 shots to the head that it takes to kill every single enemy except the armored guys like you that take a substantial amount more or the Deus Ex Machina which is a big demon you just chain gun that bitch in the head and its dead faster than the guys like you are.

Why research? I dont get it at all. I saw the recoil dampener, but I'm not sure if it actually will do anything or if its pointless like the rest seem to be, but most of the other stuff is just random bull shit. Its like "a mysterious element"
I want to know, seriously.

Why does everything take the same currency? I'm not super crazy about this. I hate grinding. And that's what you have to do. So far anyway. Grind side missions to get enough money to buy everything. If you're specced right of course.
In the insane character builder, I was just looking at all of the genes and when I went back to the one I liked, it was a different set of stats. So you can just hit gene combo or whatever until you get what you like...its so weird.

The powers you buy at the medical place all run your battery down pretty quickly. I like the cloak, but the eyes thing runs your battery down so quick I cant see it being useful for people that aren't specced just to use those talents.

I know all of these are game mechanic things but if you were to ask me about the story, I wouldn't know. Your mentors bad I think? Maybe. Federation is your enemy and there are monsters and bandits about.

Also the game maps are pretty big. Which is sort of good, and sort of bad. I HATE that the hq place is so big, but the mission areas being so big isnt a bad thing really.
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