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Scientists detect hazardous radiation from LCD monitors

A new study has found that flat monitors emit a certain type of radiation as much as cathode ray tubes do.

'Electromagnetic' radiation emissions from cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors have been known about for a long time, but this is the first time scientists a study has been done on the levels of this hazardous radiation emitted by the newer, flat LCD screens.

The study group used a device for detecting radiation known as a Charge Coupled Device or CCD to measure the levels given off by over 50 different types of monitor. Their results will be published tomorrow.

Most electromagnetic radiation comes from nuclear reactions, and it is an established fact that it can cause cancer.

'In particular, we found that flat monitors gave off as much radiation in the 400-700 terahertz range as conventional CRT monitors.' said Dr. Mark Lee of the University of Birmingham.

'This problem is not limited to one particular manufacturer, although we did come across an LCD monitor from the Taiwanese company Jenor that didn't emit any noticable amounts of electromagnetic raditation.'
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