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A couple ideas I'll be working on - let me know if you think they're completely unbelievable (g seems to think the cellphone one is, but it's really derived from an equally ridiculous email I received last week.) I've not yet added quotes or really fleshed out the ideas, so keep that in mind.

1. Do you keep household cleaners under your kitchen sink? It could be making you and your family sick. (Basically, the idea involves minute traces of chemical vapors passing through the container plastic and concentrating in the pipes under the sink, thereby passing bleach, comet, rat poison, whatever into the water, forming previously unknown toxic substances endangering poor, hapless tap-water users.)

2. New research has discovered that tumors caused by cellphones are not actually from the antenna's emissions but from chemicals in the plastics found in cell phone screens. As you hold the cell phone against your face to speak, a vapor-moisture barrier is created between your face and the surface of the phone's screen as you sweat, allowing for the easy absorption of chemicals meant to protect your cellphone's screen by your skin. As these chemicals aggregate in the skin of your face, capillaries transport dangerous amounts of these distillates to your brain tissue, which can cause malignant tumors. Blah blah blah confirmed by the British Institute of Science & Technology with the assistance of the Tokyo Technological Exchange for Truth in Manufacturing.
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