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RITAU: Welcome to ChaCha!
You: Hello
You: I have a question about the internet tubes
RITAU: sure
You: My son was on the internets last night downloading songs
You: and i think he might have clogged our tubes somehow
RITAU: okay
RITAU: ohh
You: Our information transfer has come down t o a trickle
You: no information pressure
RITAU: ohh really?
RITAU: do you want me to fine some info on that?
You: Could he have aquired a virus perhaps?
You: If you could
RITAU: Thanks for coming to ChaCha! Give me a moment while I do all your searching for you!
You: He mentioned something about getting a game from a mexican computer, are the mexican internets less safe than in other places?
RITAU: i dont really think soo!!
You: I dont know with that kid, he is always using computer lingo that i dont quite comprehend
RITAU: I appreciate your patience while I find exactly what you need.
You: Its no problem I appreciate it
You: The only other thing he uses our computer for is looking at The White House's website and I dont think he could have gotten anything from there, the virus had to be picked up when he was doing what he does in Mexican Web territory
RITAU: do u hav firewall installed?
RITAU: the link i sent you hase some info about virus
RITAU: its real sloww today
You: Ok, I dont know if I have a firewall, could that keep viruses and other bad things out from mexican internets?
RITAU: yes it will
RITAU: it works great:-)
RITAU: did you get the links?
You: ok, and should I call someone to clear out my tubes, or will this firefence do that
You: yes i did
You: they are very helpful
RITAU: Are these results sufficient?
RITAU: do you want me to find anything else?"
You: I still dont know what to do about my tubes
You: will they unclog themselves?
RITAU: one moment
You: Its ok, I wouldnt want to take up any more of your time, I'll just call a computer plumber. One other question is there any way to tell if my son has been doing anything illicit on the interwebs?
You: Because if he has...
RITAU: are you sure that he is not doing illicit on interwebs?
You: I think he is a good kid, but im afraid he has been looking at sex
RITAU: i think there wont be any problem
RITAU: cause if there is a virus attack your computer will be very sloww
You: I hear stories about people discracing themselves for the sexual pleasure of thousands
RITAU: and you will get unwanted pop ups
You: I suppose its time for that talk if you know what i mean
You: He gets pop ups all the time
RITAU: ohh yes
RITAU: my honest suggestion is to install firewall
RITAU: and it protects your computer
You: ok
RITAU: do u want me to find anything else?
You: Its time for that talk with my belt to his ass if he has been looking at porn
You: either way
You: thank you for your help
RITAU: you are welcome
RITAU: have a nice day
RITAU: dont worry
RITAU: everything will be okay:-)
You: i will see about getting a firewall integrated into our home system
RITAU: great:-)
RITAU: have a good one
RITAU: bye
You: I just hope he is ok, he will need it!
You: same

The links
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Are your tubes clogged, too? | Ask MetaFilter

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Slashdot | How The Internet Works - With Tubes
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