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Reagan Jr.
Originally posted by G[h]EttOrAiD
I told you in your other thread you should have let me have it!!!

get a 325 and kit it out... chix wont know the difference

But DAMN dude that is some scary shit... what safety technology would you say helped you the most? Just the contruction of the bimma in general or airbags/seatbelt/the seat itself?

chix wont, but all the guts will, girls think a 300 series are bad ass, even tho they are cheap as hell and slow, only guys seem to appreciate the sheer power of an M3 or M5 ,,, drool i fuckin love m3's,, im jealous of your car, sorry bout the accident tho

hope you dont have flashbacks of the "meat" you saw, i would, i have had a similar experience i have nightmares to this day
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