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I know nothing about TMJ, but i do relate to the constant pain. I have major scoliosis ( curviture of the spine) and i have been in braces all my life till about 7th grade, now i have metal rods placed in my back to stop the futher curve of my back. My spine still wants to curve, and i am in immense pain daily, especially when its cold out or rainy, its unbearable and if you dont know with severe scoliosis you have uneven hipbones, making it almost impossible to stand still for more then 2 minutes without unbearable pain. But that is life and you cant give up. I just want to say i feel your pain, but just realize that you were put on the earth with this issue not because you couldnt handle it, but because everyone has there cross to bear, you can do it but you have to believe in yourself. Go get yourself some help, if they say they cant help you, go to every doctor possible, it seems from all these posts that it is curable. If no one will help you call a well known hospital in the United States, like Mayo clinic and ask to speak to someone, there may be at least something. But dont dont dont give up. GL
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