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Why was Java enabled in the first place? So few legit sites use it. Is it because most people confuse Java with Javascript (something that almost every single site uses) so they leave it on?

The only time I got a virus was because I forgot to disable it after a fresh install. Also, after running ComboxFix, it re-enabled Java for some reason. I prompted disabled it again after that. It's still a great program though!

"Whether you're a Mac or a PC user, chances are good that Sun's Java (not to be confused with JavaScript) is installed on your computer, However, chances are also good that you very seldom actually need Java. That's a good thing because Java has outpaced even Adobe Reader to become the most targeted third-party application for malicious exploit via the Web."

"One easy thing you can do to avoid this method of attack is to simply disable Java. It's almost never needed for regular Web browsing. And when you do need it for that website game or calculator, just re-enable it (but be sure to turn it back off when you're done)."

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