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Hands down the best place to eat in Columbus is

M Restaurant & Bar
This place is very high end and very expensive but worth every penny.

I've been there a few time and just love.

I would start with the Mini Kobe Burgers, they have a great taste and with the fries a very different starter. Enough for 2-3 people and great for 1.

Every one of the salads is great but I just love the Heirloom Tomato salad.

For dinner there is nothing better then the Steak in a bowl, but there is something for everybody from fish to pasta a large selection of prime meats sushi, lobster and oysters.

My favorite dessert is the rootbeer float but the beignets and semifreedo are amazing and for you cheese lovers the cheese plate is great with a different selection every day.

The wine list is huge but if i recall the cheapest bottle is about $35.

For 2 people it is going to cost from $200-250 but worth every penny.
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