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I noticed gasoline stank for a month or so

3 fridays ago the Car had a wiring fault that caused fuel to empty into cylinders hydrolocking the motor

First mechanic figured it was a bad startrr he replaced it didnt help
He burned it out and tried another. Obv just sat there cranking it which burned a ground out.

Towed to mr2 specialist who said my wiring harness was a disaster. Grounds missing dmged etc. Oil had gas in it.

He repaired everything but the car still ran rough as hell. We saw silvery shite in the oil he drained out. Said drive it it might fix itself.

Specifically said replacing the plugs was optional.

Car ran like warmed over shit, i had to buy this long block before this dude sold it to somebody else. Bought it saturday.

Changed plugs today. Started car up it ran better but not perfectly. Then i ate dinner,,went out for a vape and took pics of the plugs. Then sat down and checked the may.

Posted pics cuz razor asked for em. Noticed one of the plugs was smashed after zooming in. retrirved thr plugs from trash and confirmed,,he dropped one of em
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