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it's not like they built all those tanks and missiles in the last 5 yrs. And they aren't spending much on maintenance, nor on military salaries. Russia can deal with a small war with someone right on it's border like Georgia, but invade Europe? Probably 80% of their equipment such as tanks wouldn't make it past 50 km before breaking down They could have done it in the 70's/80's, but not today.

US military equipment tends to be more complicated, hence higher needs in maintenance and more skills to perform that maintenance. The US military needs billions a year just to maintain the shit they have, much less acquire new shit. Yes we should reduce our presence in Afghanistan (and we're pretty much out of Iraq), and reduce military expenduire/budget. That will help the overall US budget.

Nah they take that pretty seriously. Besides tanks are obsolete for the most part, a foot soldier can take one out. These days you click a country on a map, select "Delete" and hit "yes"

Don't underestimate the Ruskies. US has tried to buy various weapon systems from them on several occasions like the coastal defense rockets. That'll be one of my future threads about the prowess of the motherland.

Basically they never stopped wasting money on military, just like us. They did stop invading countries though. Georgia was a joke - those sand niqqers claimed North Osettia, a Russian Territory and got chased all the way back to their capital. Took nothing but a local military base to properly spank them for bad behavior. American media had a go at it though, trying to make it look like WW3. I guess it's only fair because international news loves to follow whatever US does in the middle east in a similar fashion.
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