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Wanting to sell a Horde (male orc) 70 shaman. Has some pretty decient gear, unfortuantly the account expired, so I can't show anything but what I logged off in. (Healing)

Has three sets, one for each spec. The best is my raid healing set.
BT/Hyjal 5 piece T6, with Sunwell gloves
Nadina's Pendant of Purity
Shroud of the Final Stand
Howling Wind Bracers
Girdle of Fallen Stars
Stillwater Boots
Blessed Band of Karabor
Band of the Eternal Restorer
Fathom-Brooch of the Tidewalker
Eye of Gruul
Lightfathom Scepter
Felstone Bulwark
Totem of Healing Rains

Has 2169 healing, 166 casting mp5 unbuffed
Some other bits and pieces

Has a full set of PvP Elemental gear, mostly S1 bits. Has S3 pants and gloves, S2 helmet and chest, rest is S1/S2.

Enhancement set is mostly ninjad rogue leather from Kara, one piece from Hyjal and BT, as well as PvP neck and I think a ring or two.

Has epic flyer, and about 1k gold. Transfer and Namechange are up. Is on a PVP realm.

Asking $400, but any reasonable offer would be considered.

If you're interested, pm me or email
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