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what are they supposed to do? Balance everything at lvl 80 and then again at lvl 85? Try to think of this from a practical and smart perspective.

They will make sure that people can run instances at 80, and that 85 is fairly balanced.

What else do you need?

Two expansions and you just don't buy it anymore. THen don't.

But it sounds like you haven't an inkling of how complex balancing a mmo of this size/scope is.

All I'm saying is that their track record goes against them. As someone who really only PvPs balance issues are something that have always irked me.

You are right, I have NO clue how complex balancing a MMO is.

But it's as DM says, they're rushing it out. 4.0 could be weeks away and they are nowhere near anything close to balance.

Maybe I am acting like a 3 year old about to have his lolly taken away... but then again I don't pay 15 bucks a month for my lollys.
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