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If you have a college degree, and are stuck at near minimum wage at Wally-Mart, then you are a stupid fuck, and deserve to suck cock on a street corner for something warm in your stomach.

One of the nicer things about getting older is that it gives you enough life experience to gain a perspective on events. It is true, many of today's 20 somethings, and younger, are annoying little entitled twats. No other way to put it. Every kid in the job market thinks he deserves top pay for mediocre work. It is a goddamn major achievement to them if they get to work on time.

Sorry the economy sucks. Happened before, it will happen again. Grand parents lived through the great depression. parents went through the "stagflation" of the 1970s/early '80s, and today we have the latest economic shitstorm. Sorry if you are poor, sorry if you are unprepared, but shit happens. As overextended as our government is, there is only so much it can do, and every day as debt piles up, what the government can do is less and less.

Almost everything spent now to keep voters happy is going to come back and bite EVERYONE in the ass. That big ol' government titty isn't going to be around next time. Economies are cyclical, economies go through upheavals. The feds ability to deal with major economic problems has effectively ended during the Obama administration (yes, Republicans are equally a culpable as Democrats in the stupid levels of debt accumulated). You think the last few years have been bad, wait till the next time, or wait and see how bad the current economy gets. I will get a large popcorn, settle back, and watch as I truly, truly, do not give a shit anymore. I will protect what I have, and the rest of the fucknuggets can fight over what is left.

Please tell me how I'm an entitled prick, and tell me how I'm a stupid fuck for not being able to work at wal-mart because I'm overqualified [That's the manager telling me this, fucktard], and how I'm retarded since everyone who even thought of hiring someone with my academic qualifications also require at least 5 years experience in addition to the degree as a qualification, with no lower position available to get said experience.

Or, I'll put it this way. I'm tired. If shit really does get that bad, I'll probably just kill you for your food and all that you have in your house. Then I'll burn it down to keep warm and move along. You and all who think like you are fucking dickheads that completely miss the point. Nobody's interested in hiring anyone right now, as far as I can tell. Those kids are demanding top dollar for mediocre work because even if you did stellar work, you're probably going to get fucked out of pay raises so your boss can go to Cabo more often from the work that YOU did. So, what motivation does anyone really have to do quality work? You're probably going to get laid off anyway.

Keep drinking that Fox News kool-aid, you entitlement issue bitch.
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