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finally was able to play a bunch of the one with the basejump thingie. Its a good map. I can actually fly the Little Bird pretty decently too, fun.

Not being able to get to menu except when origin wants you to though is pissing me off. I cant even stay in menu long enough to remap keys

Seriously. They have a main menu for SP, but not MP?
  • Origin/Battlelog sucks, I don't want my fucking browser open while I play. I keep enough tabs open that Chrome uses 1GB+ of RAM.
  • The UI is still fucking terrible in game, the map is useless and the colors are confusing.
  • Quick chat doesn't have 'Need Medic' or 'Need Ammo' options, which would be the only two reasons to use the thing.
  • No squad management, I don't care who's on my squad because I can't communicate with them. No point in calling it a squad when I can't distinguish between them and my other teammates.
  • Chat window is obnoxious and huge.
  • Couldn't you spawn on squadmates in the beta? Why can't I now?
  • Still confused why there isn't any in-game VOIP since this is 2011 and all.
  • Joystick support is questionable.
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