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We're not totally fucked, but we are going to waste a lot of time because it's an election year.

There's always an election near somewhere...I would say that you are now beyond the point of no return towards totally fucked (not just the US mind, but that is the topic at hand)

Your country has too many idiots that are being pandered to by politicians. Stupidity should not be an electoral tool, it should be eradicated. And all those "personal beliefs" that are demonstrably nonsensical and ignorant should not be treated with kid gloves or respected to the point you can't go near them. Never mind them now being electoral tools as well. Letting everyone have their own little alternative reality shielded from the actual one isn't doing humanity any favors.

But like I said, I think it's past the point of no return where the population will become more stupid rather than less. The media have dumbed things down so much and it's become hard to tell where hollywood ends and real life starts. Politics have become a gridlocked sharade unworthy of a civilized country, but the real cause imo is simply the unchecked ignorance and stupidity. Treat people like infants and they will behave like it. It's high time that the population gets treated like grown ups. They need real information not the filtered that gets morons elected.
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