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might get the SOG paratool, since to be uk legal to carry in public without a "reasonable excuse" they need a non-locking ()sub 3inch blade

That's too bad, non locking blades are more dangerous for the user. In Maryland, you can't have any fixed blade, and you can't have a switchblade, but you are allowed to carry a "penknife without switchblade" which is any folding blade, locking or non locking, of any length. Makes perfect sense.

I have one of these, a Spyderco Delica Emerson Wave: it can be drawn closed, or drawn and opened with one hand with its "wave" opening which catches on your pant leg. Don't usually carry it, though.

Then I have one of these on my keychain.

It only weighs .6 ounces.
I have a small, lightweight swiss army knife on my keychain as well.
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