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Hey, I'm not saying that they can't work here if they come here legally.
But they're taking out, far more than they're putting in. Plus, most of that money leaves the country, going back to support their families in Mexico. Or we can charge Mexico for all the public services they're using. Perhaps taking oil in lieu of money.
In fact, now that that I think about it, we should just send Mexico a bill for all the inmates we care for, heathcare we provide, border patrol salaries, educational services, welfare, etc.
BrahmaADF - Gotta love non-white white supremacists.
Sanjay - Wow. an Iranian nazi. What are you a beige supremacist?
Debaser - The only "white" on Aldaris is all the semen running down his chin...
Forum Iranian who thinks he's a white man: Aldaris

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