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I'll suck any cock as long as it's liberal cock
Originally Posted by Herne
Sorry bud but Im not conservative. I vote issues not party platform.

Fool. The party platforms ARE the issues. Many people pride themselves in being "independent," despite the fact that the summation of their beliefs does, and always will, correspond to one of our political parties in the United States, prominent or not. If you are so certain that you are not a Conservative (Republican), then let's start another thread on social issues AND economic issues, eh?

Im dead center of the board. I vote "conservative" on certain issues, and liberal on others. I am a realist and vote for what works in a realisitic world rather than the ideal fantasy land that many politicians from both sides of the aisle would like to think would work.
Centrism does not equal realism, as Centrism is, in itself, an ideology much like being far left or right. Additionally, this premise doesn't add much to your argument, as I can substitute the word 'centrist' for 'liberal' and state that I am liberal because I am pragmatic. Of course, I'd like to think so, and I do my best to show how certain policies affect (and have affected) the United States as a whole, and whether or not they work. Immigration, illegal or not, is not hurting our country.

Declaring people that crossing our border were seen as an invading force and could then be shot on site.....would quickly solve the illegal immigrant problem. I am all for legal immigration. I dont feel we should close our borders, but something needs to be done to stem the tide. This is certainly one solution that if implemented would in fact work.
Violence is unnecessary, and will not work, because these immigrants have nothing to lose. Additionally, when your son cheats on his homework, do you beat the living shit out of him to teach him a lesson?

I also advocate the death penalty for child molesters, child abusers, serial rapists, DUI related vehicular homcides, and if we REALLY want to get rid of the drug problem......drug dealers with two or more convictions (they get one chance) as well.
Sorry, but the death penalty is not a deterrent.
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