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I wish, I could. And I will if I cant find another way. But three techs have come out and verified it's "Working fine" as they put it.

The last tech was blunt, he helped us find the Roku box probelm, but he says when it comes to Comcast service all they are REQUIRED to do. is check the lines, make sure we are getting a signal, and that the modem is working when they are here. Anything else is "our problem'. If they don't see a problem while they are here, then it's "Not a problem, it must be the end user causing issues".

I'm trying to find out if I can track down if it IS a problem on our end first. Eliminate the possibilities before they get here.

And as for the urban dictionary thing. Get your fucking head out of the gutter. It means more than just that stupid shit. And you damn well know it.

If you don't know what I mean actually, Google it and look for references OTHER than sexual ones you brain dead fart.
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