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Here are things you can do besides lay around and post on genmay:

Pretend that being sick doesnt bother you and carry on as usual

Eat cocaine

Capture some of your local fauna and attempt to recreate an ideal mating environment for them. If you are successful, document their mating habits on camera. Then, when theyre done, pour cocaine all over them and see what they do. Upload this on youtube under the category of "educational documentary"

Come up with an escape plan for your favorite prisoner at Guantanamo Bay

Pretend youre able to breathe under water and then try doing it. The first couple seconds might feel like youre doing it wrong, but remember to take big, deep breaths and youll be fine.

Perform science experiments around the house. See what sort of affects bleach has on various things. eg laundry, carpet, your parents personal belongings, food in the fridge etc

jump off of something thats not so high. Its fun and you can pretend youre flying. Start off with something like a chair so you know you can land easily. Keep jumping off higher stuff until you find that you cant land it without breaking something. but dont jump off of that one. unless you already did, in which case, new game! See how a sprained ankle will heal naturally, without visiting the doctor. I've always been curious to know. Post the results!

edit: with cocaine!
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