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Portland, OR

Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon - Depending on how much you want to spend, I'll throw out some ideas.

Portland City Grill & Bar on the 30th floor of the US Bankcorp tower. These guys are pricey, but have THE largest wine selection in oregon. The steaks rival Del Friscos (in Texas and Florida). They are amazing. Everything is gorgeous but it's hard to get into, think at least 3 weeks ahead, and their bar is amazing. Best rib-eye in the northwest. They even have sushi.

Seratto - on 21st, this trendy italian resteraunt and bar has the coolest people around. Everyone who works there is awesome. It's got a great wine selection and if you're just out on a friday night they can accomadate you. Very good pick for a nice night out. The boar is excelent here.

Caffe Mingo - two doors down from seratto, this is THE BEST ITALIAN FOOD IN DOWNTOWN. It's spendy and HARD to get into. It's not a large resteraunt and isn't as trendy as seratto, but the food is the best. The ceaser salad is the best i've ever had and very cool looking. Their pastas are all made in house and are the best in oregon. As I said it's hard to get into and their specialty of the house goes quick every night, so get your name in early and head to seratto for a drink while you wait.


Da Vincis - Right outside of Milwaukie over by the bomber there's a little mobster looking italian resteraunt called Da Vincis. If you want the 2nd best italian food at Milwaukie prices, look no further. There's only one chef and he's a 6'5 redhead who studies in italy 2 weeks a year to make sure he's up to date on everything. His veal is amazing and the seafood is the freshest anywhere. His tiramisu is the best in the city also. If you need good food at a good price, this is it. And it's not huge, so you dont have to worry about lines.

Rheinlander - One of the two largest german resteraunts in portland. They have good food in a good German atmosphere. I dont know what else to say.

Gustavs - On the west side over by washington square. It's a new German resteraunt with beautiful german food. If you're on the westside looking for somewhere to go that's casual but nice, this is your stop.

PF Changs - Chinese They're everywhere and they're always good. prepare for a loud environment though.


Marine Polis - Cheapest sushi in town, it's not bad but not anything special. If you're on a budget this is the place to go.

This will be amended but my hands are tired because i'm not on my own computer, so this is it for now.

[from user lowrizzle]
Portland - not marine polis. If you like sushi, it's arguably the worst in the area. Try Sushi Takashi on broadway and couch. They have a real, not a sushi train, a real model train, that brings the sushi around the bar.

Also great is I love sushi out in Beaverton. It's ran by Koreans and is sushi with a Korean touch, such as the Korean Chirashi.

Sushiville is heaps better than Sushiland (Marine Polis). They're not all mexicans making your sushi, and they hand-press the nigri.

For mexican, definately try Pepino's on Hawthorne (hippie district). It's fresh, awesome, and healthy.

For german, Reinlander. Gustav's is like their own little red-robin offshoot. Not "authentic" but fun.

For drinks and good food and usually terrible service, ANY mcmenimen's restaurant.

For pizza, none of it's all that great.

[from user flood]
Italian - Basta's in the Perl dist. Best restaurant I've ever been to IMO.
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