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7/8 T6 Holy Paladin + T5 Equiv mage..Lots of XTRAS!!

Asking Price is $900 OBO

Fully decked endgame raiding paladin for sale. Currently 4/6 Sunwell but my schedule requires me to cut ties with raiding. The account also includes a T5 equiv frost mage and bank alt with most bank tabs full. Lots of xtras. Paladin has his ZA Amani Bear and epic flyer, workin towards Netherdrake. Mage has epic Swift Red Gryffon , Swift White Hawkstrider from Kael in Heroic MgT also. This is a once in a lifetime offer. With the new content patch coming mid October, most of note ZA Bear mount and kael Mount,3/4 of Paladin's stuff will become unable to attain any longer. **BTW as of 9/15 I am STILL raiding and acquiring upgrades.**

Equip(on Pally):
A total of over 70 epics in paladins bags alone including:

- 7/8 T6 Holy inc. multiple Sunwell items. Including Crystal Spire from Illidan
Sunblessed Gauntlest (Sunwell crafted) and Ring of Flowing Life(also crafted SP)
- 2250 +Heal - 214 Haste - 33% Crit - All unbuffed
- Also have MP5 & Crit sets for various occasions.
- Full Veng + Brutal & all Gaurdian pvp Holy
- T6 and equiv Prot set (All BT items) - 500 Def 100% avoidance, 19k HP, 550 SD
- T6 Ret set - Soul Cleaver (w/ Exec) T6 legs, T6 shoulders, rest is BT mix.
- Some PvP ret items inc Vind bracers and Twins Sindorei PvP Neck (Better than Gaurdian)
- 1150 spell damage Shockadin set

There are so many xtras I can't possibly list them all. Paladin is 375 Enchanter/JC with over 90% of both profession's recipes/crafts. Mage is 375 Engineering/Herbalism. Every single piece of gear is enchanted and gemmed for max efficiency. I have spared no expense in this regard. I am the original acct holder, and will only accept serious offers or trades, but feel free to negotiate. You can contact me at 208-353-1504, Thanks . Paypal only. Upon confirmation I will switch up email and PW to your liking over phone, vent etc.

Disclaimer: By bidding on, inquiring about, or viewing this auction you are stating that you are in NO way affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment or any associated entity. World of Warcraft is a trademark of Blizzard Entertainment. All characters, items, gold pieces, or other intellectual property in World of Warcraft are the sole property of Blizzard Entertainment. This auction is not for the ownership of their intellectual property but rather for the time spent working on this character and acquiring items. All references to "The character" or "The account" are indicative of my time spent on leveling the character.

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