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Account For Sale:

I've had this account since WoW Launch in 2004, it is hard for me to sell, but I no longer have time to play the game. My characters all have immaculate reputations. My main character the Warrior is currently in the #1 Guild on its server.

-85 Troll Warrior (iLvl 387 - Full Heroic T12 DPS and Tank Sets, 525 Blacksmith and Jewelcrafter) Over 8500 Achievement Points.
-85 Night Elf Druid (ilvl 379, Firelands Geared)
-85 Gnome Rogue
-80 Death Knight
-72 Priest

The account has almost all the available heirloom items. Both the Warrior and the Druid have Full PVP Sets and many PVP Titles/Achievements.

Warrior has the titles: Dragonslayer, Firelord, General, Conqueror, and about 15 others. Also have over 80 Mounts (Mechano-chopper, Sandstone Drake, Raven Lord, White Hawk)

Asking price is 500 Dollars.
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