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how carry bolt sniper, 12 ga, ak, and .22 rifle?

if u aint got it with you, how can you use it? where get the crystal ball that tells you what you willneed, hmm? Scoped, my little AR will reliably hit man torsos at 400 yds. its .22 unit is great for training and quiet foraging. Taken down, the AR will conceal in a backpack, attache case, gym bag, or grocery sack. that takes 5 seconds to do, reassemble and fire takes 10 seconds. 7" is added to the gun when the silencer is mounted, but it's still just as handy as a riot 12 ga pump. With a see thru mt under the scope, the luminous iron sights can still be used. With a free float tube, you can use a bipod without affecting the poi point of impact of the bullets on target. With a RRA rock river arms drop in trigger job and v notched rear sight, it's very, very fast to hit with, given the silencer making the 223 as "tame" to use as the unsilenced .22 unit. Practice with the .22 saves you 25c per shot.
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