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So far I've only done it once, and I was with her for 5 years before we moved in. I was 24 and she was 23. Honestly I was a little resentful since I left my hometown to move to a city where she could get a job. After 4 months of it, I actually changed my work schedule and started working Saturdays so I could have Mondays off while she was at work. It got THAT bad with me wanting my own personal time. About 6 months later she cheated on me and left. I moved back to my hometown.

NOW, that was a while ago, and what I realized is that it wasn't the moving in that made it wrong, it was who I moved in with. I then had another GF for 6 years and not once did I offer to let her move into my house, because I just didn't "feel it", and boy am I glad I didn't.

Move on to today. I've been with my current GF for a little over 9 months and so far she is the absolute coolest girl I have ever dated. We share a ton of things in common, and her lease is up in September (still 6 months away), so I told her if we're still as good then as we are now, I would love to have her move in with me. I think it really depends on what your heart says man. The 21 thing can be a bit scary, but if she has a good head on her shoulders, roll with it. I've dated some really sketchy headcases and my brain reminded me whether or not them moving in would be potentially damaging to my house or my balls Go with your gut, and if it's your place, don't let her sign a lease. Keep that Ace in the hole in case you guys split.

Just my .02
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