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And newer proof posted by ephekt shows the "man-made gw" ters fudged their data and destroyed evidence, all of which is dated June and December 2007.

This would appear to be a tacit admission that you were wrong about the Senate report. If you don't comment on it, I'll assume you're conceded that point.

Your first link doesn't work and your second link is about the same douche you talked about before, Nils-Axel Morner. First of all, this guy disagrees with SEA LEVEL CHANGES, not with warming. Secondly, this is the same guy who believes in water-witching and has been denounced by climatology organizations. Thirdly, it's one guy.

Sucks for you when the ters get caught.
It sucks for you when all your "proof" doesn't actually support your view.
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