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wall candy eating retard
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"Probably, partly responsible"...
That's the best you have?

Good thing I have 400 scientists that debunk the gw consensus. Well, 400 and growing every day as more fall off the man-made gw bandwagon.

Go back and read it again. Or not. My point has been proven. Either way, you and I both know that you know there is no consensus. You're just pretending to be a dumbass.

So, we're still at:

That would be you reading the summary and not the detailed report. I read the report and pointed out how the report itself - not the people involved in the report - says that the signees don't disagree with human induced global warming but rather disagree with specific IPCC conclusions. So I say again, go back and read the actual report, not the summary and don't let people spoon-feed you faulty info.
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