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Why do people like you listen to me? You realized everything I say is a load of bullshit?
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Originally Posted by ViriiK
Again they signed the contract that anything that they've researched within Los Alamos belongs to the United States Government. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. They also had the threat of treason to be used against them should they leak it. You're playing the distortion game going "OMG they had a say, so it wasn't fair for them". Well guess what Schmuck. You're attempting to rewrite history but only problem is, you can't change the past. The past is what it is. Nothing you say will ever change it..

You know nothing. Less than nothing in fact.

The basis of a contract is that everybody knows what they are letting themselves in for, but obviously this fact is lost on you. The fact that they were threatened with prison for even talking about their work with others makes it worse, not better.

Do you actually understand what my argument is?
^ I did not come up with these "original" thoughts; the Devil or one of his imps put these thoughts in my head and I adopted them as my own.

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