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Status: Connected to guide: denisem
denisem: Welcome to ChaCha!
denisem: Hello how are you?
You: Hi denise!
You: Im ok
denisem: Great!
denisem: What can i help you find?
You: Hey this is JaredT
denisem: Hi
denisem: You need to find a treadmill?
You: I work for ChaCha also, but this guy asked a question I couldnt find an answer, can you help me out?
denisem: Sure i will try.
You: im on my laptop next to my desktop computer
denisem: Okay what is it your looking for?
You: This guy wants to know if an airplane is on a treadmill will it take off even if the plane is stationary
denisem: Okay i don't think a plane would fit on one but i will search and see what i find.
You: ok thanks, ill keep him busy haha
denisem: Okay you could always hit transfer to get him to someone else.
You: I know, I needed those ratings! But I know you are right!
You: Ill transfer him
You: Back to the rat races!
denisem: Okay great
denisem: Thanks
denisem: Have a great day!
You: You too!
denisem: Thanks!
denisem: Thanks for using ChaCha! I hope you had a great search experience!
denisem: Thank you for using ChaCha!
Status: Session ended.

good idea
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