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Originally Posted by electric!sheep
BTW, what is the best practice for managing your downshifts when slowing? In my car I usually toss it in neutral and coast, but with a bike it seems like a bad idea. I mean, if you're in 5th and try to knock it back down to neutral, you might lose the clutch by accident and end up sliding down the road with a locked rear wheel as the engine tries to rev up to eleventy million RPMs in second gear.

Yeah you can do that but you have to be REALLY firm with your downshifts at least on most bikes, I donít think you could get it into first going at 5th gear speeds (with the clutch in), you can easily grind your gears like that too. I hear it happen all the time with newbie riders, going maybe in 2nd a bit too fast to shift into first they arenít firm on the downshift and you hear the most horrible gear grinding sound ever.

Id usually just engine brake from 5th down to first and stop at the light in first. If you let out the clutch like ur talking about yes you would completely lock up the wheel.

With every bike itís different but you get a feel for engine braking and you will know when to downshift and let out the clutch so you donít lock the wheel up and can engine brake effectively.

Some people make the mistake of just pulling the clutch in and then stopping at the light without downshifting all the way to first, then when they go to take off they of course stall, hehe.
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