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Originally Posted by nik
ok..question which might sound a bit wierd. ive been driving a 300cc scooter around for the past 2 years without any scrapes or accidents. jus one or 2 wierd incidents with people rear ending me and breaking my tail light. ive basically been a real maniac with the bike and now its on its last legs and im thinkin of getting a bike. i have experience with bikes jus that i never had the time to spend more time on them. do i still fit under the inexperienced category? ps ive been riding gearless mopeds since i was 11.

I'd say you've got enough experience under your belt that, if you took an MSF course on a motorcycle, you could handle an SV650 or maybe even a 600 supersport depending on your character. I say you've been "a real maniac" on that scooter. If you do that on a supersport you will be dead. If you can refrain, I think you have the experience on two wheels to stay alive and happy on a nice bike.

Either way, take that MSF course, just to get a hang of the differences between scooters and bikes, if nothing else (and you will inevitably pick up other useful tips and skills as well).
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