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Biggest thing is just really walking around and enjoying the people, energy, and seeing the sites. Be sure to use the subways, they are priceless! I have barely been in Boston myself, and want to go back.

Boston - Sunset Grill and Tap

DC - just walking around and enjoying the sites. If going to a museum, leave PLENTY of time.

NYC - all the touristy things, times square, statue of liberty is worth seeing, central park, soho (I think it's where all the bars are, not super familiar with the areas), canal street is somewhat interesting if you want to shop for random shit and fake brand names. Also either Empire state or Top of the Rock for viewing. I think the later is better as there is more things to see and learn on the way up, plus a clearer view since the top is much bigger and has glass instead of fencing. But Empire state clearly has a much better view since you are nearly dead center in teh middle of everything. Much more impressive as well based on teh amount of tall buildings you see.

Chicago - don't go to the original UNO, well it's ok, but not that big of a deal. I particularly didn't care for the pizza. I like the are around the creek/river though the middle, nice views, nice buildings, and of course the Sears tower and John Hancock are both worth visiting. Opposite ends of hte city, so unique views. Also walk up and down Michigan Ave.
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