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Yeah, all of those modern cars would have hydraulic clutches.

The hydraulic clutch in my 300ZX is even vacuum assisted, lol. I tried it without for a few weeks, but the wife whined up a storm about that.

Hydraulic kits for the muncie are easy - all you have to do is mount the master cylinder (usually on the firewall next to the clutch pedal), and then run a line down to the throwout bearing/slave cylinder combo. It eliminates the existing throwout bearing, the pivot ball, the clutch fork, and the entirety of the linkage.

I'll probably keep it mechanical at first and see how it is. If it becomes tiresome or a pain in the ass, I'll switch it over At the end of the day, the car is a toy and is for fun. Its going to be loud, obnoxious and smell. It'll squeek, rattle, and whine. There's no power brakes, no power steering.....might as well make my left leg miserable too.
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