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If you're nerdy -- and all of you are -- this guy has fantastically level-headed advice on life.

Some folks read this and assume that the author is a bitter or disappointed scientist. I plead guilty to having majored in mathematics as a college undergraduate (I started college at age 14 and graduated at 18--how would you like to be held accountable for decisions that you made as a teenager?), but otherwise I have spent my life as a humble electrical and software engineer, not as a scientist (my PhD is in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; I started the program, without intending to finish, because I was curious to learn how my stereo system worked and because I was earning enough every month as a Lisp Machine programmer to pay my annual living expenses; I finished the program because I am a stubborn testosterone-poisoned guy). I do love science and enjoy talking to and learning from scientists. Starting in 2001, I've been doing a lot of flying in airplanes and helicopters, including several cross-continent trips in light aircraft, and this has sparked an interest in meteorology and geology. Taking advantage of my location in Cambridge, I have sat in on some classes at MIT in Atmospheric Physics, Biology, and Geology. I also teach a software engineering lab course at MIT every three or four semesters (textbook). But for me, the university has mostly been a source of entertainment; I have never looked to it as a source of income. In my guide to early retirement, I suggest that university towns are great places to live for a person of adequate means.
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