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I am offended by the world isajeep.
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Sounds like you a bitter

Yeah I am. When I did follow Christianity it gave me an excuse to be lazy and I feel like I was constantly fucked over in life by trying to follow what I heard and trying to "follow Jesus." Just kneel and pray and God will take care of it. Some girl doesn't want you, just pray and your heart will find your soulmate if you're patient. You said something "wrong" Jesus will forgive you. Fuck that shit. Also being in religion so long required me to unwire so much bullshit that was negatively impacting my life socially...and especially with women. Also when hanging out with friends I always felt guilty for drinking and having a good time. Feeling guilty all the fucking time is so bad your your system in my opinion. I don't walk around feeling guilty anymore thanks to the lack of religious influence in my life. I moved to a new place a few months ago and in the process I found a couple of bibles in my closet. Whenever I move I like to throw out as much shit as possible and the bibles went with it too.

I hate religion because I believe for myself that if I were still following it today my life would be absolutely miserable. Once I decided to leave it completely life has gotten much better for me. I'm making more money than ever before, doing more interesting things, getting into better shape, meeting more women, reading books I want instead of driving to church every Sunday and Wednesday listening to regurgitated bullshit about how this is wrong, this is right, prayer service, classes, abstaining from sex, submissiveness......makes me want to throw up.

When it comes to what I believe in I believe in myself. When people ask me about religion when it comes up that's my answer. God is not going to figure anything out for you. It's up to you to figure it out anyway you can.

Anyway, there ends my rant and again I will say that I am an F. I couldn't care less about the label but on my MySpace page I have "Athiest" as my "religion."

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